FM Zurich

FM Zurich

Problems brought by the people of FM Zurich

  • Streaming the radio station via the web.
  • Having the live show name on the site if there is one.
  • Show the visitors something to read when they do not make content.

How we solved these situations

  • We do not host live streams, but we did subscribe to a third-party audio streaming company and added a small player to the website.
  • We made a small API that requests the live program from a database.
  • We fetch some RSS of Argentine newspapers and show them on the site.

FM Zurich Website Highlights

  • Listen to the radio anytime, anywhere.
  • Check what program is live.
  • Multiple news sources, having a reason to visit the site periodically.


We are very proud of our work with FM Zurich. They brought us something interesting to work on. Despite not having their content to show, visiting their site is always interesting, and you can read and stay informed about the country.

Radio FM website with news feeds.
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